Tabular data*: annual emission estimates (1960-2013) for the entire Amazon:

  • • CO2 1st order, 2nd order - Total, fire, decomposition) in MtonCO2/year
  • • CH4 e N2O (2nd Order - Fire in MtonCO2eq/year

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Spatially explicit data*: annual emission estimates (2002-2013) in cell 25 x 25 km2 (projection polyconic , W57 0 0, SAD 69):

  • • CO2 1st order, 2nd order - Fire) in MtonCO2/year
  • • CH4, N2O, CO, NOx (2nd Order - Fire) in Mton CH4, N2O, CO, NOx/year
  • • Auxiliary attributes indicating PRODES mask and State (UF).

Click here to download shapefile 2002-2014

INPE-EM Framework

If you need INPE-EM 2.1 source code please contact us: Ana Paula Dutra de Aguiar ( ou Bruna Leal (

*Please, cite Aguiar et al. (2012) if you use the data, the INPE-EM framework in the TerraME modeling environment, or extract part of the code and implement it in another system. For questions and feedback, please send email to (seek respond as soon as possible).