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Estimates for the Amazon

Tabular data*: annual emission estimates (1960-2020) for the entire Amazon:

  • CO2 in MtonCO2/year
  • CH4 e N2O in MtonCO2eq/year

Click here to download the excel spreadsheet

Spatially explicit data*: annual emission estimates (2002-2020) in cell 5 x 5 km2 (projection polyconic , W54 0 0, SAD 69):

  • CO2in MtonCO2/year
  • CH4, N2O, CO, NOx in Mton CH4, N2O, CO, NOx/year

For the spatial data generation only the spatial component of the model is used, so there may be a small difference in the values between the tabular final results and the spatial results represented in the cells.

Click here to download shapefile 2002-2020